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Upcoming Exhibition

Exhibition Venue :

Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

From :

31st Jan 2017   to   6th Feb 2017



Mystic Mountains

Journey through nature and culture

Mystic Mountains

an exhibition of photographs on Ladakh clicked by Milind Dhere, was held at Bal Gandharv Kaladalan, Pune during 30th Nov. 2012 to 2nd Dec 2012.

Milind Dhere is a professional photographer in Pune with an experience spanning over two decades. He carries a legacy of literates at home; the only way he differs is they create with pen and he with lens. He had presented selected 60 photographs in the exhibition.
Milind has visited this region twice with a sole purpose of photography. He has mainly captured the landscapes and architecture of this frozen land. But the exclusiveness of the exhibition is that it is not just ice and mountains that dominate the canvas but Milind has strived to capture the spirit of the beautiful land of Gods. The photographs vividly illustrate the game of light and shadows, earth and skies also peep into the culture and religion of this remote land.

There was an overwhelming response to the exhibition and eminent personalities in the art field (Like Mr. S. D. Phadnis, Mr. Ravi Paranjape, Mr. Anand Jog, Mr. Milind Mulik, Mrs. Sucheta bhide-Chaphekar, Smt. Shama Bhate, Mrs. Swati Daithankar, Mr. Mukund Sangoram, Mr. Sudhir Gadgil, Mr. Milind joshi, Mrs. Veena Deo, Mr. Vijay Deo, Mr. Vibhavari Apte-Joshi, Mr. Govind Ekbote, Mr. Anant Dixit, Mr. Shrikant & Mr. Sudhir Moghe, Mr. Manish Sabde, Mr. Devidas Bagul, Mr. Sandesh Kulkarni ) and many an art lovers made it to visit and revisit the exhibition.

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